Sophia, Canada
I am now home and loved my stay in Rwanda. Every arrangement you made was excellent the trip was well organized. I was very pleasantly surprised with the quality of our vehicle and our driver was so helpful. He had good English. The gorillas trekking was great.


Lana, USA

I have recently returned to the USA after my gorilla safari in
Uganda. My husband and I booked a tailor made trip with and we were delighted by the whole experience. It seems hard to believe that on Christmas we were watching lions play-fighting from the 4X4! We have so many
memories of this incredible trip it was the highlight of our safari, thanks


Thanks for your e-mail, we had a wonderful visit. We had lots of fun and everything met our expectations. We saw the mountain gorillas, tree climbing lions and enjoyed the game drives plus the launch cruse. Uganda is really a beautiful country.

Kattalina, United Kigdom

My friends and I truly enjoyed the safari. You ensured that we are happy and comfortable while on our holiday. All the lodges were clean and bright with a good staff. We are adventurous travelers and we would recommend your company any time.


Derrick And Roy, Australia

When I and my brother booked this holiday we did not know what to expect. For us it was a trip of a lifetime! We could have never imagined how impressive the beauty of Uganda was and we were total overwhelmed, The people were friendly, well mannered, Roy thinks we should come back soon!!!!