Safari Accommodation for you in Rwanda and Uganda get to know the available safari lodges,  for you on tour

Uganda presents an impressive range of hotels to suit every taste. These accommodations range from boutique style, 5-star hotels that cater to the more discerning traveler to the more affordable, medium-range family hotels.

Culinary standards are of a universally high standard ranging from an eclectic smorgasbord of local fare to mouth watering buffet lunches, four course dinners under the stars to specialty nouvelle cuisine.

In most hotels the architecture is contemporary; rooms are air-conditioned with color television and room service. Some city hotels are steeped in old colonial history. While others are modern chic styled  and offer utmost comfort.

Choosing your accommodations can be as varied and diverse as the landscapes you want to visit.

There’s a plethora of enticing hotels, lodges and tented safari camps from which to choose, from sublime art deco palaces to rustic small bush camps and everything in between. Stay at lavish private homesteads, 5-star boutique beach villas or hand-carved small lodges in remote, undisturbed areas.

Choices can be narrowed down based on your comfort level requirements, affordability, level of culinary expertise, location and proximity to wildlife areas. There is an endless amount of game reserves and parks to choose from.

Other factors such as a swimming pool or spa facilities may influence your choice.

Certain establishments may suit families with young children, others perhaps more private and serene for romantic honeymooners.

Collectively the 5stargorillas Safari team has personal experience and detailed, up to date knowledge on nearly all the Uganda lodges, camps and hotels. We’re happy to provide unbiased, objective advice helping you to select the best accommodations for your vacation.

Luxury Tented Camps

To experience Africa’s nature at close quarters, a few nights under canvas in a luxury tented camp is a must.

Contrary to popular belief, safari camps don’t mean ‘outward bound’, but in fact offer luxurious standards of comfort and exceptional personal service. Walk-in tents are permanent, spacious, and insect-proof with king size beds, fresh linens, hot and cold running water, flush toilets and ‘campaign’ furniture.

Three course meals are freshly cooked every day, wines are imported and more often your hosts themselves are professional guides conversant with the area and its natural history.

One will also find full dining and bar facilities under a central tent or attractive open buildings.

Most safari camps are located within prime wilderness areas and offer an intimacy with the surrounding bush incomparable to any other form of accommodation